Back Home

Sitting back home in my living room and its feels so different. My apartment feels so much bigger and the air is colder than when I left. Looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and friends. I know I’m going to spend much of the time telling them about my study abroad experience but all I really want to do is know what has been going on with them. I can’t wait to hear how NYC’s been going on without me. 

Bitter sweet to have left Sydney but I am glad to be back home; in my bed, with my love ones, and in the city I call home. Good-bye Sydney, Hello New York!


At around 9:00 pm I decided to take a break from studying and head outside for some air. As I leaned against the side of the student housing building where I live, I couldn’t help but still obsess over all the studying I would have to do to be ready for my final exam. My FINAL, final exam of my undergraduate education! All of a sudden I heard a BOOM!

That initial boom was followed by a few more and of course I started looking around to find where the noise was coming from. At first I thought it sounded like a car driving fast over a steel sewer cover, but then I realized that in Sydney sewer covers are only found on the sidewalks not in the middle of the road. 

I looked in the air and there it was; beautiful colors that lit up the night sky over the harbor. It was the Darling Harbor Spectacular Lights Show that happens every Saturday at 9:00 pm. I was so worked up in my head, I did not even realize what was going on for the first few minutes. So I stayed a little longer outside.

I stared at the fireworks and thanked God that he allowed me the experience of living in Australia for four months. I thanked him for all the positive and negative experiences and how much I learned throughout my time here. I took a deep breath in as the last of the multi colored sparks disappeared leaving only smoke.

At that moment I realized that my time here in Sydney has been loud, fast, bright and quick just like a firework. 



So besides J Lo’s Celia Cruz tribute and Rihanna’s wonderful Tubi perfromance, this had to be the highlight of the night for me last night at the American Music Awards. I always thought this band was pretty dope but the way they fuckin rocked this performance last night was absolutely incredible. They gave a great performance and didn’t hold back on top of winning the award for the Favorite Alternative Rock Artist. Shout to Imagine Dragons for absolutely killing the stage last night in LA.

My Brother Posting one of My Fave Bands of 2013 & Forever <3

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NYU Senior in Sydney for FALL 2013